SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Flooring

waterproof rigid core vinyl tiles



What is SPC Flooring

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is a type of rigid core vinyl flooring.

SPC is 100% water resistant material and highly durable because it is combines mixture of PVC and stone powder

SPC is an alternative for floors with lots of advantages like water resistance, stain resistance, perfect finishing, etc.

SPC flooring is suitable for all types of spaces, like all rooms in a house, bathrooms, kitchens, public areas, commercial places like museums floors and all other segments floors.

SPC flooring is the new-age flooring alternative to traditional flooring because SPC includes all material designs such as a stone, ceramic, marble or wood.

Ownman SPC Structure

SPC Complete Application :

Download catalouges to understand and cheack all the areas of use in all the segments like residencial, commercial, education, health-care and hospitality sectors.

Why SPC are called Future of Flooring

Materials Of SPC

Durability of SPC product is like lifetime. To comprise SPC we used 100 % virgin Polymer. Because of material used to produce SPC, It has lifetime durability and stability.

Easy to Install

Our SPC are come with UNILIN interlocking system, a patented technology. The lock are easy to install by anyone. The lock ensures a snug fit joint between planks making joints invisible.

100% Waterproof

SPC Flooring are also called waterproof rigid core vinyl tiles. the SPC product are made from natural stone powder and resin, so that it gives durability and waterproofing touch.

solar panels
solar panels
Powerfull Underlayment

Underlayment of our SPC comes with a 1mm IXPE rubber pad. It adds accoustic value and cushioning effect. It is helpful to effect sound reduction and mold repellent.

Surface & Appearance

Surface finish of SPC Flooring gives luxurious effect as flooring like future. We have wide rang of luxurious trends to look your floor natural wood or stone.

A good Resistant

Our SPC Flooring is Fire Resistance, Scratch Resistance and Impact Resistance. It is complete Sound proof and Termite proof. SPC is anti skid product.