Ownman Overseas group are leading Exporter and Supplier of Food Essence and Decore Products.

In early years We produce Decorative HPL Sheets, HPL Compact boards and SPC flooring in Decore Industry and we manufacture high quality Softdrink and Beverages Flavours in our city Morbi, Gujarat, India.

From 2015, Over the years, our team from several factories as manufacturer in Morbi has established a reputation as an excellent trader and manufacturer of high-quality goods of both segments in India.

The year 2022 saw the birth of our decorative surface brand, "OWNMAN OVERSEAS," as Exporter and introduce our all products in the world market with lots of promise.

All our Efforts are aimed at always bringing the best and the latest in the market. We design and develop premium lifestyle surface products and high quality Food Essences for you.

About Company

About Us



Food Essence


Our OWN-MAN Journey !

Our entire Ownman Overseas team is associated with food and Building Material market as manufacturer since 2015.

Some of team member was in production area, some was in marketing department and some was in domestic market of different units of both Decore and Food Segments.

They got lots of experience in all segments of all fields like  in production, quality, designs, market analysis and domestic and International market sales.

2015 - 2019

Learn how to rule !

For the first time in 2019, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a new company of our own by inviting members from all the teams of different films to work on Food Flavours and decorative surface and started planning to move forward with the ideas.

We have been working continuously for this and at 2021 we have reached the point that we all have the required certificates and standard parameters for international market.

Because of Covid-19 we forced to delay or Export Planning for some months.


Team Building and Planning Phase !


Our New Identity

From December 2022 Ownman Overseas came up as our new identity as Exporter of Beverage Flavours and Decorative Surfaces.

We Export all types of Decorative Laminates, Ceramic items, bathwares and SPC Flooring in Decore Segments.

We Supply and Export wide range of Premium Food Flavours  and Beverage Essence.

We have developed our product with legal agreement with manufacturers in such a way that we can get right down to the International parameters.

As we can say we are new but not completely.

Our Philosophy


Our vision is to give you something new and attractive. Our team are always work on improving our surfaces for better growth. We constantly think that we can sustain our relationship for a long time. Our vision is to become one of the world's most trusted brand in Decore surface segment.


We can promise you about our service that we will always provide the best service. We believe that the key to a good relationship is honesty. We are committed to providing you with the best and the highest level of quality of our products.


For us, Our Values are our heartbeats. We always focus on honesty and transparency in our business and relation. As a daily routine, our team is eager to discover something new every day.