cream and chocolate filled mug


Use these flavours to elevate the experience of each icecream as you become an expert mixologist.

Signature Flavour Series

Popular Flavour Series

Banana Flv

Black Currant Flv

Blueberry Flv

Butter Scotch Flv

Caramel Flavour

Cardamom Flavour

Chocolate Flavours

Coffee Cream Flv

Coffee Flavour

Cranberry Flavour

Condensed Milk Flv

Custard Apple Flv

Date Flv

Dutch Vanilla Flv

Fig Flavour

Hazelnut Flavour

Honey Flavour

Honey Vanilla Flv

Hibiscus Flv

Jack Fruit Flv

Kesar Flv

Kheer Flv

Kiwi Flavour

Kulfi Flavour

Lychee Flavour

Lychee Flv 2946

Meetha Pan Flv

Macadamia Nuts Flv

Mango Alphonso Flv

Mango Flavour

Almond Sweet Flv

Badam Milk Flavour

Badam Pista Flv

Banana Flavour

Black Currant Flv

Bubble Gum Flv

Butter Milk Flv

Butter Scotch Flv

Butter Scotch Milk Flv

Cardamom Flavour TC

Creamy Vanilla Flv

Dairy Fresh Milk Flv

Elachi Pista Milk Flv

Grape Concord Flv

Ice Cream Flavour White

Ice Cream Flv

Kulfi Flavour

Lychee Flavour

Peach Flavour

Pista Milk Flavour

Pistachio Flavour

Rose Delite Flv

Rose Flavour

Rose White Flv

Saffron Flavour

Strawberry Flavour

Sweet Lassi Flv

Vanilla Flavour

Vanilla Milk Flv

Vanilla Flv International

Mawa Malai Flv

Milk Caramel Dulche Flv

Milk Caramel Flv

Milk Masala Flv

Mixed Berry Flv

Musk Melon Flv

Paan Sughandh Flv

Papayya Flv

Passion Fruit Flv

Peach Flv

Pineapple Slice Flv

Rabidi Flavour

Rajbhog Flavour

Raspberry Flavour

Rose Petal Flv 2215 -

Spanish Kesar Flv

Strawberry Flavour

Tender Coconut Flv

Tropical Fruit Flv

Vanilla Beany Flv

Vanilla Flavour

Water Melon Flv