High Pressure Laminate Boards

Compact Laminate / Double side Decorative Boards / Formica Boards

Standard Compact Boards

Lockers & Cubicles

Tabletops & Work Area

  • HPL Compact boards are widely used in making cubicles and lockers because they are stronger than chipboard and made from paper based materials.

  • You can directly use this to make lockers and cubicles.

  • Lockers: They are directly use to make gym, sports room, colleges, school or any other lockers.

  • Cubicles: Toilet cubicles, bathroom cubicles, changing rooms,etc..

  • HPL Boards are a best choice for Worktops. You Directly use boards as Worktops.

  • Countertops: Boards are a great choice for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops and Office tabletops.

  • Displays: For displaying products in retail displays HPL Boards are remarkable choice.

  • Hpl Compact boards are used in all type of wooden Furnitures.

  • You can directly use this board to make Furnitures like tables, benches, chairs, etc...

  • HPL boards are also used for temporary furnitures.

  • Partitions : HPL boards are mostly used in office partitions, sections, school lab partitions and any other use as partitions

Compact Borads Complete Application :

Download catalouges to understand and cheack all the areas of use in all the segments like residencial, commercial, education, health-care and hospitality sectors.