100% water proof flooring : SPC flooring


What is 100% water proof flooring?

A form of flooring known as 100% waterproof can endure water exposure without becoming damaged or warped. This kind of flooring is perfect for wet spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

SPC flooring consider as waterproof flooring:

A well-liked selection for flooring that is completely waterproof is SPC, or stone plastic composite. It is made of compressed and shaped rigid planks of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and stabilizers. SPC flooring is extremely water, scratch, and stain resistant, making it a great option for high moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Availability of SPC flooring design:

SPC flooring is available in a range of designs, hues, and patterns, some of which imitate the appearance of genuine stone or hardwood flooring. Due to its click-locking system, which enables a floating installation without the need for adhesive or particular tools, it is also simple to install.

Durability of SPC flooring:

The great level of durability of SPC flooring is one of its benefits. Both residential and commercial locations can benefit from its resistance to impacts and strong foot traffic. SPC flooring also requires only routine sweeping and mopping, making it simple to maintain.

When choosing SPC flooring, it's important to go with a reputable brand like Ownman Overseas as we confirm and strongly assure our clients that the flooring satisfies the performance and quality requirements set by the industry.

How to determine a quick water test?

A quick water test can be used to determine whether SPC flooring is completely waterproof. The steps are as follows:

  • If at all feasible, cut a tiny piece of the SPC flooring material and lay it out flat. You can test a corner of the flooring that has been installed if you don't have a sample piece.

  • Pour a little amount of water onto the flooring's surface, being sure to cover the entire surface.

  • Give the wet flooring at least a day to dry off.

  • Examine the flooring for any evidence of damage or warping after 24 hours. It is probably 100 percent waterproof if the flooring has held up well and shows no evidence of water damage.

It's extremely important to remember that although though SPC flooring is made to be very water-resistant, if it is not put correctly or if there is damage to the flooring; water may still leak via tiny spaces between the flooring boards. The installation of SPC flooring should therefore always be handled by a professional installer to guarantee that it is done correctly and sealed to prevent water damage.

Importance of SPC (Stone Plastic Composite):

SPC (stone plastic composite) flooring that is waterproof is essential for a number of reasons.

Protection from water damage: Waterproof SPC flooring is extremely resistant to water and moisture damage, making it perfect for use in wet environments like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. This kind of flooring can tolerate spills, leaks, and even flooding without warping, swelling, or degrading.

Better indoor air quality: Water and moisture damage can cause mould and mildew growth, which can be harmful to the residents' health and the quality of the air inside a building. Waterproof SPC flooring can aid in preventing moisture buildup, lowering the danger of mould and mildew growth, and enhancing indoor air quality.

Suitable for all: Waterproof SPC flooring is appropriate for both commercial and residential applications because of its high level of durability and ability to endure heavy foot activity. Additionally, it resists scratches and can endure for a long time, which lowers the frequency of repairs or replacements.

Simple to clean and maintain: Waterproof SPC flooring is simple to clean and maintain; all that's needed to keep it looking its best is routine sweeping and mopping. It may be quickly and easily cleaned of spills and stains without the use of any additional cleaners or treatments.