How We Produce


We are a professional manufacturer of SPC (RIGID) flooring with a total manufacturing capacity of 30,000 SOFT/Day.

Modern Cutting-edge technology, the patented UNILIN interlocking system, and more than 20 unique ornamental paper patterns are all available from OWNMAN OVERSEAS.

We distinguish out in the flooring market thanks to our exceptional product quality, reliable supply chain, powerful brand recognition, and helpful service.

We take great satisfaction in OWNMAN's premium SPC flooring's astonishingly lifelike appearance.

Take advantage of the classic beauty of oak, marble, travertine, quality stone and slate for a tiny fraction of the cost.

We have been properly accredited by the ISO: 9001 system for quality management and also by the CE certification.

Each and every Process, including material acquisition, processing package testing, and other operations, are completed in a setting with strict quality control.



We are a leading manufacturer of High pressure laminate sheet with a total manufacturing capacity of 3500 NOS / Day and 1800 to 2500 NOS / Day products of compact board. 

With cutting-edge equipment, modernised machinery, tech-enabled facilities, and a skilled, knowledgeable crew that creates the greatest High Pressure Laminates in their class, Ownman Overseas’s world of laminates puts you in a luxurious mode.

Our facilities, which are dedicated to upholding the highest production standards, have obtained the necessary certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, KAB, IAF, and IS:2046.

We continually strive to produce premium laminates that incorporate Italian patterns, wood, textures, colours, and finishes. To that end, we are committed to fostering ongoing innovation and progress.